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Meet Our Ad Park Pets!!!

If you are a client of Ad Park, you would like your pet to appear on Our Pets page, send us an e-mail with your pet's picture, and we will post it here. Please specify if you would like us to use only your pet's first name, or first and last name. E-Mail: Vethisar@adparkpet.com

Kori3.jpg Client___Australian_Shep..JPG 

       "Kori" Daly as a Puppy                     Waiting Patiently                   

Client_s_Corgi.JPG doggy_visitor.JPG

I'm kind of shy...                                         Service here, please!


    "Kori", "Billie" & "Roxy" Daly                                                 Dr. Kumar & "Toby"       

 sit_20ellie.JPG               fuzzy.jpg

      "Ellie"                                             I know I'm beautiful!


"Abbey"                                                                       "Bentley" Puppala


"Fester"                                                    A visiting Sphynx!


Puppy Time!                                                  Ready to Fly!